Third Maidan Anniversary – Third Maidan Revolt Threat Extant

« Right Sector » (Ukraine): the history, fascist ideology and role in Euromaidan

Russian and Eurasian Politics


by Gordon M. Hahn

Is a ‘third Maidan’ brewing? Is one possible? On this week’s third anniversary of the beginning of the Maidan ‘revolution’ or revolt, Kiev remains rife with talk of a ‘third Maidan’ and for some good reason. The Maidan regime remains unstable internally, weak in its legitimacy within society, and vulnerable to the radical nationalist forces the Madain revolt unleashed.

In the run-up to the anniversary the main pro-Western ‘varyag’ or outside Varangian invited to rule in Maidan Ukraine, former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, appointed by Ukrianian president Petro Poroshenko as the governor in crime- and corruption-ridden Odessa, resigned, accusing Poroshenko and the Maidan regime of massive corruption. In resigning, Saakashvili stated he would go to Kiev to “sweep out the Rada, the administration and the Cabinet of Ministers and then instill order in Odessa… The ideas of the revolution have been betrayed… Therefore, we are again…

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