The religious and ideological factors of violent extremism – Les facteurs idéologiques et religieux de l’extrémisme violent


by Amel Boubekeur*

Analysing the ideological dimensions of Jihadism is a controversial exercise. While the Euromed Survey was not primarily designed to tackle this dimension, some questions incidentally related to it and respondents were also offered the possibility of expanding on it in the framework of open questions. Many researchers, journalists and politicians find it difficult to accept that such violence can be politically or religiously based and prefer to explain it as the result of an economic and social situation of discrimination and to limit its political aspect to the relatively unfertile ground of indoctrination and crime. The religious factor is generally approached only to indicate its usurpation (“This has nothing to do with Islam”) or as an echo of cultural incompatibility (“Paris est une fête”) and civilizational incompatibility (“Why do they hate us?”) of “religious lunatics”.

It is however important to go beyond the idea that Jihadism is…

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