Cinéma russe : Le Bras de diamant, sous-titré français

Initialement publié sur ACCENTS RUSSES : Le Bras de diamant est un film soviétique de 1968 réalisé par Leonid Gaïdaï. Cette comédie de Mosfilm comporte au générique plusieurs acteurs soviétiques célèbres, dont Youri Nikouline, Andreï Mironov, Anatoli Papanov, Nonna Mordioukova et Svetlana Svetlitchnaïa. Le Bras de diamant est devenu un film culte soviétique et russe…

Histoire du duel

How the ‘famine’ was a British genocide — Donegal – Ógra Shinn Féin

Sent in by a comrade/comrádaí The Political and Economic Discrimination of the Catholic Irish Farmer in Pre-Famine Ireland and During the Famine in Ireland As it is known globally, the Famine in Ireland was a horrible tragedy. However, it is a widespread belief that the famine was caused due to a shortage of food, mainly […]Poursuivre la lecture de « How the ‘famine’ was a British genocide — Donegal – Ógra Shinn Féin »

Trial by Ordeal

In the modern judicial system, the innocence or guilt of an accused may be established based on the evidence brought against him or her. In ancient and medieval societies, however, a different way of determining a person’s innocence or guilt was used. This was called the ‘trial by ordeal’. This method involved having the accusedPoursuivre la lecture de « Trial by Ordeal »

Trouble in Store

  In the spring of 1982 as Brezhnev’s power was waning, Yuri Andropov decides to tackle corruption and apathy in the Soviet Union. A number of company directors were targeted, but Andropov’s first aim was to arrest Berkutov, director of the country’s First Yeliseyev Grocery Store, who, it was believed, had been supplying faulty goodsPoursuivre la lecture de « Trouble in Store »

Ethics in law enforcement

Ethics is a strong fiber that dictates the type of cop you are or are going to be. In your law enforcement career, what was an instance in which you saw someone demonstrate ethics of the highest order? (source : Police One) Ethics in Law Enforcement and Policing