The Trump-led Trade War with China: Energy Dominance Self-destructed? – IFRI studies

Under a legal specificity of the United States which considers foreign imports as a « threat to national security », the president Donald Trump imposed quotas or customs rights and launched investigations of national security on a growing number of goods imported to U.S. allies and other countries.

In March and June 2018, the United States imposed tariffs or quotas on steel and aluminium rights to all their trading partners, with the exception of the Australia.

In July and August 2018, the United States began to impose tariffs of $ 50 billion on Chinese industrial products for unfair trade practices.

While China retaliated by adopting countermeasures, the president Trump imposed tariffs on $ 200 billion of Chinese products from September 24, 2018.

Sign of an unprecedented escalation, he also threatened to impose additional customs duties on 267 billion dollars worth of Chinese products.

If that were the case, most of Chinese products entering the United States may be subject to customs duties. China has retaliated and imposed customs duties on American goods $ 60 billion, including a duty of 10% on natural gas liquefied (LNG)


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