The true crime story of Colin Ireland: Serial Killer On Camera



This is the true crime story of Colin Ireland whose ambition to become a serial killer led him to kill five gay men.

In early 1993, Ireland made a New Year’s resolution to become a serial killer.

He was fascinated by serial killers and had spent many hours meticulously studying them. He was aware of Geographic Profiling that helps investigators locate the killer, who usually commits the crimes in a certain radius (about seven miles) from where they live.

For this reason, Ireland chose London as his ‘murder ground’, deliberately misleading the police and keeping them far away from his Southend-on-Sea home.

Ireland began hanging out in a West London pub called The Coleherne, which was a famous gay hang out. He posed as an S&M master to meet his victims, who were all gay men with a proclivity for being dominated. The men would allow Ireland to tie them up; he would then subject them to horrific torture and finally murder.

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