Murder of a Lady (1931) by Anthony Wynne

Suddenly at His Residence

mm.jpgDuchlan Castle is a somber and foreboding place, locating in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. One night, the body of the castle’s matriarch, Mary Gregor, is found in her locked bedroom. A grotesque stab wound covers her shoulder, but the lack of blood seemingly proves that the assailant had waited for her to die, before removing the weapon and disappearing, making the entire situation all the more impossible. A small remains on Mary’s body, a silver fish scale, recalling the legend of the Swimmers – humanoid fish creatures that have a thirst for blood, especially when acting out of revenge. Luckily for the investigators, the gifted amateur Dr. Hailey is visiting the area, and given his reputation for resolving miraculous problems, he is called on to help the investigation. Soon, the true character of Mary arises as the investigation increases, and potential suspects pile up, with several more impossible…

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