Prisons in Africa: Experiences, Models, and Flows


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Dear subscribers, I suggest to attend this free online course, initially in French but now available in English.
I did it last year and I don’t regret it.
This topic is quite unknown by the public, that’s why I encourage to share the information to those around you.

Largely dependent on media discourse, prisons in Africa are often reduced to images of overcrowded and dilapidated spaces, signs of « States in crisis ». Simultaneously, they become one of the objects of state reform, at the intersection of the judicial, security and health fields. The prison issue then appears on certain political agendas, formulated on the occasion of local position statements, in national projects or in cooperation programmes.

The objective of this course is to help you put these speeches and actions into perspective. It thus proposes to offer an understanding of the prison dynamics of the African continent in their geographical diversity and in their plural historical regimes. It addresses the prison experience through field surveys. It will also discuss the challenges of prison policies and reforms, and the strategies of the actors involved. Alternating case studies, interviews and more theoretical reflections, this course should help you to strengthen your analytical and action capacities (actionresearch, advocacy, etc.).

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