People And Businesses Leaving Cities Because Of Disturbances And Crime — Crime in America.Net

Highlights People are leaving cities because of riots, crime and COVID. « The coronavirus is not the only reason those major cities are seeing an exodus…All cities mentioned have out of control crime, social unrest and lawlessness. » When the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times both cite crime and disorder as a reason people […]

People And Businesses Leaving Cities Because Of Disturbances And Crime — Crime in America.Net

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  1. It’s an interesting discussion, but I don’t trust the narrative they are building. The crime rate has had a recent uptick, but that is after a long period of it dropping in many of these cities that they are highlighting. I would suggest there are other factors at play. The cost of living in cities has exploded. I would point back to the recession, and the recovery from it. The economic recovery has taken place primarily in cities. Many rural areas have been left behind (and a thorough look would see that crime has risen in these areas too). This recovery meant that cities drew people looking for opportunity. Seattle, for example, has grown faster than the infrastructure could keep up with. This means a dramatic rise in the cost of living, and the displacement of people who cannot afford to keep up with that rising cost. Yes, this contributes to increases in homelessness, desperation, and… crime.
    Fast forward to how Covid has changed how we live. Some are realizing they no longer need to be based in the city, and that they could move outside these cities, afford bigger and nicer living situations for far less money. They can raise their quality of life, and lower their costs. That is no small thing. Why pay $600,000 for a condo when you could pay $400,000 for a house an hour outside the city?

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