Mosul’s Muslims to its Christians: Come Back To Your Home

For those of you who listened to February 24th’s edition of Mid-East Junction with Rfi’s Anne-Marie Bissada, here is the full version of the interview with Omar Mohammed, the man behind the blog Mosul Eye.

Mosul Eye

The Christians have always been and will always be one of the essential groups that construct the Mosuli fabric. A social fabric that is not only limited to the city itself, but extends to the entire Nineveh valley. This fabric stood for centuries, way before modern day Iraq itself, has been there for generations, and no invasion, throughout hthe history of Mosul and the surrounding towns have always stood together to protect their existence. This city and its community stood every crisis came at it.

Today, after dark times passed by, which reached it’s climax in the past three years, this is Mosul that ISIS wanted to break: the city’s Muslims calling upon the city’s Christians to return and tell them: the city is ready for your return and set to celebrate Christmas and conduct the Mass with you. As Mosul and its vecenety celebrate freedom and Christmas, trees are…

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